August 4, 2011

what i wore wednesday

I have seen a number of people participate in a link party called "What I Wore Wednesday".  I cannot remember which blogger is the host.  But it's out there!  I have decided to share my ensemble that I wore to work yesterday.  And since the weather here in Oklahoma has been 110 degrees plus, people at work have been a little lax in the clothing choices.  Like a number of people have worn shorts cause its too dang hot.  Especially since the a/c can't keep up and it's 85 degrees in the office by the end of the day.

It is just some black pants (that desperately need to be re-dyed to a dark black) rolled up, the little top you see that I haven't worn in a year, and some black Old Navy flip flops.  Now "rubber" flip flops aren't really allowed but I have a hard time seeing the difference between rubber flip flops and something like this that others wear to work...

Anywho, a male coworker who shall remain nameless had a little conversation with me that went something like this...

"Hey my wife has that same shirt!" 

me: "Really?!"

"Yeah, actually she just wore it on Monday.  Even with black slacks like you!"

me:  "Well what do you know, that is pretty neat."

I know you are thinking so what Ashley?  You guys have the same taste in clothes.  No biggie.  Except that there is a 20+ age difference in us!!!!!  But I guess its from what angle you look at it. From the 31 year old "OMG.  I am dressing like a 50 something year old."  From a 50 something year old "Wow, I still got it!"  

Here are my final thoughts, I look dang good in it!  It accents me in all the right places and shows off my curves that Jimmy loves oh so much.  That makes it a keeper even if a 50 something year old is wearing it too!

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Holly said...

You are darling! I love that top, I love anything that cinches in at my waist. I may have rather large hips but my waist is small in comparison so I try to find tops like yours that accent me in the right places. The WIWW is done by The Pleated Poppy, just in case you want to link up.

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