August 1, 2011

busy little bee

Have you missed me?  I kinda fell off the blogging planet for a little while.  Just a few days.  I haven't had the available brain cells to come up with anything coherent or interesting to talk about.  I have been reading everyone elses blog when I can get a chance (like bathroom breaks). 

As you may remember I started my new position at work last week and I have been extremely busy.  Between getting everything finished up with my old position and getting ready to go into the new one things were quite hectic for me.  Things are moving along quite nicely, even though the previous person quit 2 1/2 days early than their scheduled date and left a crap load of stuff to catch up on.  I don't believe anything was done in the past month.  So yeah I have been swamped.  Oh and of course there was a major snag the first couple  of days since our data base that 95% of all our information is entered into was tweaking with my information and wouldn't let me enter anything into it.  Hello?!  How am I supposed to do my job here if the dang computer is having a meltdown?  Still isn't fixed but someone else was nice enough to trust me to use their id/password so I could get to work. 

Plus me being swamped helps in the weigh loss department too.  Every day I had to tell myself to stop working so I could eat.  When I weighed myself on Wednesday I was down a total of 5lbs!  Woo hoo!  I am still doing really well with my portion sized and kinda meh with my food choices.  Still it's working!  35 lbs to go!  

Then on Thursday as I am driving home from work I realized that Kiera's birthday is next week.  Not two weeks away like I had somehow convinced myself.  Invitations for her party hadn't been sent out.  Decorations were non existent.  Ugh.  So I took Kiera out Friday evening so we could pick out some things to decorate with and sent out the invites the next morning.  Over the weekend I steadily worked on making the decorations.  I haven't even taken her out to take her birthday pictures yet either.  I don't even remember the last time I picked up my camera.  Sad, I know.  

So this next week may be a little dicey with my posts.  I will probably get completely caught up at work and will start winding down with the party planning and be ready to jump back on the blogging wagon!

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