July 26, 2011

mrs. fix it

Look at this.  LOOK AT IT! 

How disgusting is that?  We are NOT responsible for that horrendous paint job.  Seriously there were places like that all over the house.  And places like this. 
Did the previous owners not use painters tape?  I vote no.  What's really bad is that it is where some of the walls meet the ceilings too.  Still figuring out how to match the ceiling paint without bringing home 15 billion paint samples.

Well after 5 years of living in this house I finally decided to do something about it.  

It's not perfect by it is a bazillion times better than it was before.  I am just super excited that I found the exact color..Garlic Clove by Olympic Kitchen and Bath Zero VOC low odor.  I even painted 95% of the baseboards and every window sill in the house!  And I say 95% because I haven't painted behind 3 ginormous pieces of furniture or in the closets.  

ALSO there was a hole in the wall  where Jimmy practically yanked a towel bar off the wall to keep from falling out of the shower.  I bought one of those wall patch kits.  So I filled the hole with a little bit of spackling stuff, put on the mesh, smoothed some spackling over and let it dry.

Then I bought some Knockdown Texture in a can, sprayed it on the wall and "knocked" it down to help hide the patched areas.  I am pretty sure that once I paint you won't even be able to tell that it was fixed.  I think.

And that is all I have done with Jimmy's bathroom.  I am really glad I got those areas patched but unfortunately I can't paint it until sometime after Kiera's birthday (which is in 3 weeks, EEK!).  Birthday party + school shopping = bathroom redo on the back burner.  But at least I have finally figured the paint color and found a lovely shower curtain!  All of which have yet to be purchased.  But the baby girl comes first!


Holly said...

Check you out! You've been much more productive than I have. It's making me weary just thinking about it.

amanda torres said...

I do not envy you one bit. I HATE those type of fix it things. Mainly because we did that to our old house before selling it. Sanding every baseboard, priming it, then painting. If I never have to do that again it will be too soon.

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