July 25, 2011

chatter box

Kiera likes to talk.  A lot.  I don't know if I have ever met anyone her age that talks so dang much.  She is so used to being around adults she actually likes to have conversations.  I can't tell you how many times she will say to me "Mama will you talk to me?".  It's not that I am ignoring her or anything we just aren't talking at that moment in time and she wants to have a conversation.  She gets annoyed at other kids that don't talk to her too.   

For example, she will be playing at a McDonald's playground and go up to the other kids and try to talk to them.  Some of them just scream at her and run away and continue to just run around screaming.  I mainly hear about this from my mom.  Kiera will go up and complain that they won't talk to her.  

But Kiera doesn't like to just talk to kids, she likes to talk to adults too.  Strangers even.  We went floating on Saturday and here are some of the things she said to the fellow bazillion people on the river. 

Jump lady JUMP!!!

What is your dad's name?

Do you have any barbies?

Do you have a puppy dog? 

What is your name?

I like your hat.

I love you.

Squirt us!

What is that?  Answer=Beer Bong 

Yeah, that last one was great.  I just told her it is something adults can drink out of.  Luckily she stopped questioning it after that.

The only problem is she doesn't know when to wait for adults to finish a conversation before trying to repeatedly get their attention.  She is too used to being the center of attention and will be in for a rude awakening when she starts school.  I have a feeling that we will hear that she likes to talk and interrupts class.   Though I am glad she isn't shy and clingy since she is an only child and has never stepped foot into a daycare.  

She gets all this from her Dada because I suck at striking up a conversation and am still pretty darn shy around strangers in social type situations. 

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Holly said...

I'm afraid to tell you this.....I was exactly the same way. Let's just hope she doesn't turn out like me, I'll talk to anyone about anything anytime.

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