August 5, 2011

little photographer

When I brought out my camera the other day to take my "What I Wore Wednesday" outfit Kiera got really excited.  That shows I haven't taken any pictures in quite some time.  Looks like I need to get my bootay in gear and take her birthday pictures.  Maybe when it isn't a bazillion degrees outside.  Which should be next Wednesday when the temp is predicted to will drop to a high of 93! 

  We sometimes let her play with one of our iPhones in the car when we want her to be quiet.  It usally works like a charm, other times not so much.  She doesn't just play games though, she likes to look through all the pictures or videos we have taken.  One evening on our way somewhere that I can't remember she wanted to take my picture.

Alright she took more like 15.  Not my faces of choice but I was being instructed on what to do.  Fine I lied.  I make faces all the time.  I will walk around a corner at work making a face and someone will ask "what is that face for?"  I walk down the aisle at the grocery store looking for something and Jimmy will point out I am making weird faces. Nice.

But Kiera thinks my faces are hilarious.

1 comment:

Holly said...

My favorite is that last one where your husband is looking at you like, "I am married to a complete dork!" Love this!

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