July 7, 2011

not your traditional yearly pictures

I have heard that some people take pictures of their kids every year in front of the Christmas tree.  Well we take pictures of Kiera in front of the fireworks.  If her birthday were in July I think this would be a fun birthday picture.  

This first one was July 1 2007, which as you can see she wasn't born yet, but she existed.




Kiera was being very uncooperative for the last picture and threw out a bunch of goofy ones at first.  I finally had to say "Now we took one blocking your face, one with a mad face, and one with a silly face so now we have to take a pretty one okay?"  It worked.   Here are those outtakes...

Of course we always take one as a family too.  Jimmy is not short either, he was squatting.  Kiera just had to have her arms around both of our necks.

And Kiera will now be checked for gum before any pictures are taken.  I am not the one responsible for giving her the gum. 

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