July 12, 2011


The other day Jimmy calls me to tell me that a coworker is selling a couple"Urban Compost Tumbler" thing and he wanted to know what I thought about us purchasing one.   I was a little surprised that he wanted one because only recently did we briefly talked about starting a compost.   But Jimmy went on to mention that it will further reduce our trash, which since we started recycling in October we can go about 3-4 weeks before we have enough trash to take to the curb.  Of course that was a big selling point for me.  I do have to say that I am pleasantly surprised that he is so excited about recycling and reducing our waste.   

Well I agreed to us purchasing the composter and now we have this contraption in our back yard.  Only the one pictured is my in laws.  They bought the other one. 

Looks like a cannon doesn't it?

So all you do is pop off the lid, throw in your compostable items, replace the lid of course and give it a few spins.  I am pretty sure you have to add a little water in there the help break it down but I'm not really sure.  I will be doing some research to make sure we throw only the right things in there.  I am fairly sure as long as it came from the earth in some way shape or form you can compost it.    See the in-laws already have more interesting things in it.  Some dirt, grass, corn cob, apple core (maybe), and watermelon rind.  All we had to start ours with was some old potting soil and a few handfuls of grass that Kiera ripped up from the ground and threw in it.

We will get there.  Yes, we will get there.

THEN Jimmy told me that we will be starting a garden this fall!  He actually wants to build a little one himself and even set something up to collect rain so we can use it to water with instead of running the faucet all the time.  Now for those of you who don't know Jimmy, he does not do manual labor/Do It Yourself type of stuff.  He is more of a metro type of guy.  So I am very proud of him for wanting to actually build something.  

Another great thing is that Kiera is really starting to recognize what we can recycle and is very excited to help with that.  I know for a fact she will love helping with the garden and seeing little baby sprouts of food growing. 


amanda torres said...

You may have to start a new blog on Jimmy's adventures of becoming a DIY'er. Really cool changes going on at your place.

ella@lifeologia said...

This is so beautiful!
And who is this husband of yours - do you even recognize the same man? lol

I was actually hinting to my husband that I want a composter for our anniversary - he didn't get it because he got me jewellery and lingerie instead.
He so doesn't know me! lol

At the moment, I still compost - but the way I do it is that I reserved a spot in my side yard and bury scraps of vegetables and fruit in there. After a few weeks I mix it up and have some beautiful soil. And beautiful it is. I have these great tomato plants growing from pots. Pots! Because I don't have sun where the earth is. But it really makes a difference with the vitamins and minerals that get added to the soil.
Congrats again on the new addition to the family! ;D

Hespyhesp said...

How cool! I'd love to do something like this. I've had a hard time getting my husband to become a little more "green". Baby steps.

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