July 11, 2011

four new curtains

About, oh, 4 or more months ago I picked up a single drape at Goodwill for 8 bucks.  I grabbed it since it is the matches our living room / kitchen, and it was only 8 bucks.  I knew that if I bought it at the store (Target) I would have paid at least $20.  Which they are actually $29.99 a panel!  

Now when I bought this single little panel I had the intentions of possibly eventually buying more to replace the ones in our living room.  Then I had this crazy idea of just making a number of panels out of the one.


It's hard to tell but they have green, gold, and a lighter shade of gold  circles. 

All I did was cut that puppy in to 4 even strips, Heat N Bond the seams and BAM!  I had 4 new curtains.  It is still weird looking to me since I have issues with big change like that but I do like it.  It really opens up the living room and lets more light in.  Now I just need to concentrate on redoing Jimmy's bathroom.  However, that is going to take some extra repairs that I will be taking my first stab at.

1 comment:

amanda torres said...

I love the curtains. Makes a huge difference in the light!

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