June 14, 2011

nasty grasshopper thing

 Sunday we went to the river to go swimming with the in laws.  Kiera rode down with her Nanny and Papa and Jimmy and I showed up about an hour later.  
 Kiera and probably either Nanny or Papa helped her catch this little guy.  

She wanted to give it to me.  She was very excited about it.

I am glad it was trapped in the plastic container.
It kept scraping at the walls trying to get out so it could attack me.

Since that is what grasshoppers and the like do.  Grasshoppers jump.  And fly.  And go straight for your face.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate grasshopers?  Like it is the only thing I will run away from?  I am not a screamer but I will squeal and run away from grasshoppers. 

Crickets don't bother me.  Neither do junebugs.  Heck I'll get cuddly with a garter snake.
Yep I am holding a snake.  Does not bother me one bit.  I held a feisty one once that even tried to bite me.  Still that doesn't deter me from picking them up any time I see one.

Ooooh how about a tarantula?
I was surprised at how heavy the little sucker was.  But it was nice. 

But I can't leave you with all those yucky images...well I only find the grasshopper thingy yucky.  We wore out our precious baby girl so she took a nap in the back of our SUV. 

The girl is like her Mama and can sleep anywhere.


lesley said...

Girl, you are WAY tougher than me. I don't mind most bugs but I don't care to hold them either!

Holly said...

I totally get the grasshopper thing. I was gassing up my car one time and a huge plague of the suckers struck the gas station, they swarmed me. I jumped in the car and drove off with the pump still in my tank. I'll never forget the sound of them all crunching under my tires. Ick.

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