June 15, 2011

club jensen

Jimmy has loaded some sort or music thing called Qrocity on our PS3 and it has all sorts of music and full albums.  So Kiera and I had another dance party last night.  If you happen to hear someone singing off key that's me.  Just ignore it. 

And then we were so rudely interrupted by Jimmy banging on the back window asking me to come pick up a dead bird so he could continue with the yard work.  We had another go at it and the girl got a little crazy.  She just kept screaming during some of the songs.  It was pretty funny.  Usually we are all about using your inside voice but the stereo was blaring so it didn't matter.  Plus we were having fun.  If you aren't familiar with the song it is Blow by Ke$ha.  It is Kiera's new favorite song.  I actually scanned through the children songs to see what they sounded like.  The party was over until I started played more upbeat music again.

The 2nd best thing about our dance parties (the first is acting a fool with Kiera) is that all of our horrible dancing lasted an hour and boy was it a work out.  Running in circles in the living room+jumping around+flinging a 38lb little girl around= exercise.

Gotta do that more often.

1 comment:

Holly said...

She is adorable but I was really hoping to see you in there dancing your bootie off. Booty? Bootie? Whatever.

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