June 13, 2011

lovely garage sale finds

While everyone was still asleep Saturday morning I went to pick up some donuts for the family as a surprise.  While I was out I decided to check out some garage sales. I was all alone and it was very lovely.  OK I had Berkley with me but that is alone enough for me.  And I went to just one garage sale.  I am a big driver by of garage sales to see if I actually want to stop or not.  I saw like 5 other garage sales but nothing looked like it was worth me stopping except for the one.  I always feel bad if I don't buy something from the people so I would rather not put myself in that situation.    

The very first thing I picked up was this semi truck with animals for Kiera.  I though she would love it because she could drive all the animals around.  She does love it.  She wants to take it everywhere.  

It wasn't until a while later that we realized it takes batteries.  The thing actaully makes noises like you are in the jungle.  If you have ever been to a jungle and know what that sounds like.  I never have but I would guess it sounds like bugs and the occasional elephant.    But the truck lights up lights up too!  The eyes on the side in the grass, the head and tail lights, and the green part inside where the animals are.  Pretty awesome for only $1!!

Then I picked up this full flat sheet to use as a tablecloth or something, you just never know.  It was too cute to pass up.  Gah the color sucks in this picture (since I cannot take pictures without daylight) but its baby blue and white gingham.

I got a new cover for my iPhone.  Zebra print really isn't my style but my other one was nasty and wouldn't stay on.  I can deal with zebra print 2 bucks. 

I also snagged this little bench for our front porch.  She only wanted $2 for it so I loaded that sucker up too.  She had another rickey one that pretty legs on it for $1 and I should have bought too but didn't .   
I'm not that crazy about the bird houses but Kiera loves bird houses so I will probably leave them.  I do plan on making a cute pillow on top to hide it.  Hopefully I can do that next weekend.
When I went to get the bench out of my trunk I grabbed a hold of something weird.  I turned it over and somehow didn't freak when I saw what it was.
Yuck.  Luckily nothing was in it.

What else was there, oh and a plaid summer dress which I wore that day but I don't have a picture of me in it.  

So I spent $7 all together.  They had a lot of other cute stuff but I wasn't in love with any of it so I passed on all of the rest and went home.  I never spend a lot at garage sales either.  I usually spend 10 bucks or less and I am good.  I try to only get stuff that I want badly and don't get things just because it is cheap.  Oh and I do not haggle the prices either.  I suck at it.  Alright I have never tried it because that just isn't me.  If you put $10 on something I will either buy it or I won't.  It doesn't even cross my mind to offer say $5 for it.   That's the whole shyness part of my personality coming out to rear it's ugly head.  

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Holly said...

I love a good yard sale! I thought I had found a super globe at one but it turned out to be electronic. Later that day a friend called and told me she had picked up a globe for me for $5 at an antique store! SCORE!

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