May 16, 2011

just keep swimming

Last week my in-laws got new carpet in their house last week so they shacked up at our local Holiday Inn for the night.  Soooo we took Kiera to go swimming after we stopped at Braums to get ice cream.  No you don't have to wait an hour to swim after eating, that is a stupid wives tale or something like that.  Hello...former swim team member here.  We use to eat constantly throughout swim meets.  Fruits and veggies and stuff.   Competitive swimming burns STUPID amounts of calories.  Anyway, I wanted to get in the water so bad but couldn't since I had my procedure that morning.  Jimmy just didn't want to get in and Nanny and Papa mainly stayed in the hot tub. 

 I did get my feet wet though.

She is a water lover just like her mama.

She wouldn't jump off the ledge into the water by herself but she would let us throw her in.  It's funny that she will jump off of a raft into the river but not into the pool.  I guess that shows you just how comfortable she is in the river!


"Kick and Paddle" she says.
Occasionally I would turn around and take a picture of Jimmy.  For some reason I think he was getting tired of me taking his picture.
Jimmy collage

"How I love that man of mine"... name the movie! Oh and Kiera cannot swim just yet.  She should be able to by the end of summer with all the trips to Big Splash and the river we will be taking.

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