May 13, 2011

alone time

Jimmy and I had a lovely evening alone the other night.  One of my favorite things about summer is all the grilling out we do.  And boy does Jimmy love his grill.  We had BBQ chicken wings and baked potatoes.  It was sooooo good.   

Picture 002
Those are my boys I love so much.  And look at Berk dog trying to help Dada cook.  You think he was just waiting for a piece to get dropped?  Nah.  Berkley is the type of dog that will stare at whatever food is dropped and look up to you like "Is it OK that I eat it?"  Yes he actually waits for you to say yes or no.  Such a sweet good little puppy.   

Afterward we watched the first 4 episodes of a newish series called Games of Throne.  It is pretty good.  Haven't seen much blood and guts yet which is what I am excited to see.  It makes me laugh.  Jimmy told me that someone told him that it is better than True Blood.  Ha, I don't think so. 

note (2 things):  First, some of you may know that blogger was down for a bit but now my stuff is jacked up.  Yesterday's post was removed and so I added it back but the comments are missing too!  So please excuse all the weirdness.  Second, I had my procedure done yesterday.  My doctor decided not to do the LEEP because she saw it was very minimal  and she didn't want to do any more damage than necessary, so she just took a biopsy of the 2 tiny areas.  She also said its definitely not cancer!  Whew.  I will go back in 2 weeks for a checkup and to go over the results of the biopsy.  Thank you everyone for your well wishes!

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Perpetual Blind Date said...

apartment living doesnt give much room for a grill. Super jealous of your bbq chicken. George Forman just doesnt do it justice!!! Congrats on your tests.

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