May 5, 2011

cuteness and positivity

I came across this picture of Kiera on my in-laws computer the other day.  It made me smile, and laugh

She was around 1.5 or 2 and still makes that dazed look.  Man do I love her beautiful little face.

I needed a little something to look at that would lift my mood.  I have had a rough couple days which I may share with you when everything it is all over and done with.

So here is to being positive when it is so easy to just be negative and have bad thoughts.  

Think good things, think good things, think good things.  


lesley said...

Lovin your attitude and hope things get better. Positive thoughts! Cute pic of K too!

Holly said...

That pic is precious! Love the disheveled hair, the dazed look, the pouty lips. Hope everything is ok your way.

amanda torres said...

Ohhhh, I dislike bad times, but in the end I appreciate the journey. Hoping for good things for you.

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