May 6, 2011

when it rains it pours

So things just keep going downhill and quickly.  And I have decided that I gotta get some things off my chest.

First I was rear ended about a month ago on a high way exit ramp half a mile from my work.  I pulled over and got out to check out the damage.  The lady that hit me pulled in to a different parking area ahead of me.  I went back into my car to get my phone so I could take her information the lady took off.  This sent me into absolute rage so I chased her down. That took a lot of guts since I was going to eventually have to confront her and you know how well I handle those types of situations. So a mile down the road she finally realizes I am behind her and she pulls over.  She said she though that I waved her off and that she was in a hurry to get home. Ha! As if I would just wave her off!  I took down her name and phone number and insurance company and already had her tag from my pursuit.  No I didn't actually look at any of her information because I was completely frazzled and barely holding it together. I just kept hoping that she couldn't see the shaking of my hands or hear the nervousness in my voice.  I felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest.  I leave and go to work and immediately call her insurance company.  Wouldn't you know they couldn't find any info on her.  I went online and filled out a police report with the minute info I had on her and mailed it in.  Wednesday I received a call from an officer with an insurance policy number for her tag and and vehicle description.  Woo hoo!  I called the insurance company back gave them the policy number.  It ended up that the lady driving wasn't the one who has the insurance.  When they asked her version of the story she told them that she dinged my door in a parking lot!  Liar liar pants on fire!  Now the insurance company is investigating it since there are discrepancies in our stories. There is a problem with hers not mine!  Hello lady you are 30 something years old!!!  Grow up and act like the ADULT you are and take responsible for your actions! 

Now I am warning that what I am about to tell you about you will get TMI but don't say I didn't warn you.

A couple weeks ago I went in for my yearly "lady" exam and everything went as usual.  The nurse gave me a card that had a phone number to call to get my test results in a couple weeks.  So Tuesday morning I remembered that I needed to call, so I did but there wasn't a message.  I though that maybe it wasn't ready yet.  Well just a few short hours later I get a call from a nurse that my results came back abnormal. What??  I have never had abnormal results.  EVER!  She said I have moderate to severe dysplasia. She also told me that it is very rare for someone that has never had problems in the past to already be severe.  Lovely.  So I go online to do some research about what it all means and all I keep seeing is the word "pre cancerous" everywhere.  Talk about freaking me out.  So the receptionist had set me up for an appointment in June to have a colposcopy and LEEP procedure.  That wasn't really acceptable for me.  If it is severe I think I should see someone pronto.  So I called back and got a little more information from the nurse on the procedures and such asked about my appointment being a month away.  She said "No no no.  We need to get you in the next couple weeks.  So Thursday is the big day.  Cutting a chunk of my lady part off.  No bueno.  Hopefully there is nothing majorly wrong.  If there is we will just have to deal with it.  Though I have to take the day off from work and relax the remainder of the day.  No lifting or strenuous activity for I don't know how long and no ummm "fun" with the husband for a month.  Joy.

Then just last night we went to the in-laws house for like 5 minutes to check on everything since they are out of town.  On our way back something BIG hits the front passenger side of the car.  The car starts making noises from the tire so we pull over to check it out.  Wow.  Water is dripping from somewhere.  Part of the bumper is gone.  Some of the metal is dented.  And there is whitish gray fur sticking out in places.  Yep, a coyote. 

Trying to be positive still.  Let me tell you it is hard.  I am constantly having a conversation with myself (just in my head) to think of how bad it could be.  Other people aren't as fortunate to be able to afford getting things fixed or going to the doctor. 

So my positive thinking is that at least no one was hurt in the accidents except for probably the poor coyote (we couldn't go back to check on it).  We still have a vehicle to drive.  We have insurance to help pay for damages and hopefully the stupid lady's insurance will come through for me.  We have health care so I am able to have my procedure.  Those are all thinks to be happy for.  Right?  


amanda torres said...

Oh my! That's a lot of life stuff to deal with right now. You do have a good attitude about it. It's about all you can do when so much is out of your control. I will be praying for your procedure, recovery, and results. I'm so sorry you're going through all this right now.

Holly said...

That's a lot to take in in such a short period of time. Yikes. I had the LEEP several years ago and haven't had any problems since and I'll pray that the same goes for you. It's not so bad, just a little crampy, if I remember correctly. Sorry about the car incidents, doesn't it make you angry when bad things happen that you had no control over??

Kristen said...

Hey, saw your blog from 3 Sun Kissed Boys.

Sounds like a rough time. I also had to have a colposcopy and LEEP. The LEEP wasn't bad. . .although it's odd seeing a little smoke coming up from your lady parts. Same as the lady said above, a little cramping but not bad. I've also not had a problem since.

Good luck!

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