April 26, 2011

its me and its perfect.

So last week I got to pick up the necklace I ordered at The Vintage Pearl!!

It has two little things that I love representing the two biggest loves in my life.

TVP necklace collage 

I have always had a thing for hearts.  I don't know why, they are just something I always end up doodling, ever since I was like 10.  I even have a tattoo with a heart as the center of it.  When I was younger I used to collect angels of all sorts.  As I have gotten older most of them have been donated to Goodwill and I have kept only a few pieces that are important to me.   

But its me and its perfect.

Jimmy and Kiera love it too. 

Now they tell me I need to have Lilly and Berkley's name added.  Maybe one day.  A fish with Lilly's name and a bone with Berkley's would be awesome!  I don't think they make those shapes though.  Guess I should ask if they can...


Oh and thanks to Amanda for sharing that a few stores were giving out freebies on Friday for Earth Day!

I got a delicious Starbucks coffee, a Disney Store reusable bag, and face wash from Origins for free.

25+ dollah worth of stuff for nothin'!!!  Woo hoo!

We also recycle and take reusable bags to the grocery store.  Just trying to do our part in making our planet a cleaner place to live.


amanda torres said...

I love the necklace! Glad you got your free stuff too. I love the facewash.

life chasers said...

i LOVE my vintage pearl necklace! i was just on there today to see which one i want for our second baby :)

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