April 27, 2011

steak fingers and antiques

Saturday we all hopped in the car and took a little trip to Grove, OK.  It is about  1 1/2 hours away from where we live.  It was a gloomy rainy day, like it has been for the past week.  We got to drive over Grand Lake a couple times.  No we didn't drive that far just drive over the lake.  We went to eat at the Dairy Queen. 

Yes we took a road trip just to eat at Dairy Queen.  


The ONLY thing I ever order is the steak fingers basket (besides a Buster Bar or Butterfinger Blizzard).  I have absolutely no desire to try anything else on the menu.  Steak fingers + white gravy = tasty goodness.  I was surprised to find that the steak fingers are way bigger than they use to be. 

The last time I had Dairy Queen was in September of 2007.  We were on our way home from my Papa's funeral in Texas and we stopped at a DQ so I could get the steak fingers basket.  I needed my fix plus I was a milk making machine at the time so of course I had to eat it to provide for my baby.  Yeah I'll go with that.  If there were one in town we would be in trouble.  

 But we didn't just take our little trip to eat Dairy Queen, we also stopped at Antiqe Stores/Flea Markets on the way home.  We didn't find anything we couldn't live without though.  Bummer.


Our Family of Four said...

haha.. I went last night for my fix and it was delish as always! Good thing there's not one too close by. lol.

life chasers said...

i've never had these! ah, that sounds so good!

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