April 25, 2011

easter 2011

 I remember on Easter last year it was super windy outside but it was in the 70's.  Jimmy, Kiera, my mother in law and I went to the zoo that afternoon.  This  year we have been getting a lot of rain here in Oklahoma so that put a damper (ha, no pun intended) on our outdoor Easter festivities. 

The Easter bunny made a quick run through my in-laws house and I at least got some pictures of my girl in her dress...under the protection of the front porch.

K Easter collage
Kiera Easter 2011
We can't take a single picture without throwing some silliness in there too.   Its all good.  That is who she is. 

K silly face collage

I had planned on painting or decoupaging Kiera's name onto her pail but ended up just buying some stickers  and slapping those on instead.  Everytime she found an egg she had to open it right then and dump the candy into the pail.  Silly girl.  Of course I don't have any pictures of her finding the eggs because there was no light in the house and turning the flash on did not even cross my mind. 

2011 Easter Basket collage

Later that evening she told me that her family needs to write the Easter bunny an note letting him know that she wants to give the him hugs and kisses and to tell him thank you for the eggs.  I told her I would pass the message along for her.  


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