April 19, 2011

i was in a mode

Saturday night I got into a cleaning mode at like 9:00pm.  I do that sometimes where I just go to town making sure everything little thing is tidy and pretty.  I wipe things down, dust, vacuum, mop, organize, and so on.  Of course things get picked up every day but you know sometimes you just get in the zone.

Sunday on my rampage I got rid of 3 bags worth of clothes, shoes, belts, and coats out of my closet to donate to Goodwill.  I also looked around the house for some things to donate that either haven't been used in forever or things that I don't just love anymore.  Looks like the last time I went through my house I did a pretty good job at getting rid of unimportant things. 
But then while Kiera was down for a nap I got into a creative mode.  

Again you ask?  Yes again.  I am on a roll.
I bought a 2 pack of canvases at before Christmas because I made a silhouette for Jimmy's aunt as a gift and had one left over.   I  planned on making another silhouette but never got around to it.  I decided to do a little something for my closet.  


 Just 2 little love birds...Jimmy and I of course.  I think I want to add a couple little twigs on the branch and maybe something else but I don't know what yet. 

I also want to add some cute polka dot or striped contact paper to my shoe shelves.  Liven things up a bit.  Do they make cute contact paper like that? 


I think I am going to make some paper bunting and hang it along the wall or ceiling too.

Then I had bought these plain white wooden eggs at Hobby Lobby on sale for $2 a container (8 eggs in each).  I had Jimmy and Kiera sit down with me so we could do a family craft and paint them how ever we wanted.  They lasted like 10 minutes at most and I finished the rest.  I had to do some touching up on the ones Kiera did since she just drew one straight line on the 3 she did.  Silly girl.  The eggs with bunnies are made our of each of our fingerprints (except Berk and Lilly of course).

I am using these as part of my Easter decorating in place of the plastic ones that you fill with candy.  The Easter Bunny took those away so they can be laid next week.  

Since Kiera is allergic to eggs (and a number of other things) we don't make the dyed hard boiled eggs.
Any suggestions of what else to fill the plastic ones with besides candy?   

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