April 18, 2011

fun filled birthday

What a wonderful day Friday was!  I told you a big change was going to come and boy did it!  If you didn't see the before just scroll down my page a tad and you will see the before.


Yep it's all GONE!  Man does it feel good.  Getting my hair chopped off was second on the list along with a little touch up on the brows.  First on the list was dropping Berk off to at the groomers to get his hair cut.  

After that weight was taken off my shoulders (ha!) we met up with brother and in laws at Hooters for some hot wings and beer.  It was sooooooo good.  Jimmy and I have been wanting Hooters wings for a while (like 2 years), we just don't want to drive to all the way Tulsa for them.  Yeah we work in Tulsa but that is the ONLY time we drive in.  I also ordered a piece of cake for all of us to share.  It was chocolate and lovely.

31st Birthday Hooters

The waitress asked Kiera if she wanted a balloon and she said she wanted a pink one.  They actually found a breast cancer awareness one and gave that to her.  Kiera gave the waitress a hug and told her thank you.  Gah she is too stinkin' sweet! 

After we finished eating Jimmy, Kiera and I went to to the Oklahoma Aquarium.  If you go to their website you can print off a certificate for your child's dentist to sign when they get their teeth cleaned and they get into the aquarium for FREE!!!  K-dub had her teeth cleaned a couple weeks ago so we jumped at it!  The last time Jimmy and I were there was shortly after they opened (before Kiera was around) and there weren't that many exhibits to look at.
Aquarium collage 1
Aquarium collage 2

I had a lot of trouble shooting in low light without a flash.  I have a flash on my camera I just choose not to use it unless I absolutely have to.  I guess there really isn't any way around the grainy pictures and fish don't stay still so you can get super clear pictures anyway.  

I forgot to mention my in laws took the hint I previously threw out and bought me a gift certificate to The Vintage Pearl!!  So after we left the aquarium we stopped by so I could order my necklace.  It will be ready Friday!   Eek!  I am so stinkin' excited!  It is going to be perfect.
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