April 20, 2011

basket from the trash

Months ago I found this wire basket by the trash at the car wash and it has just been sitting on my fireplace hearth empty.  Kiera previously found a use for it.

Until just the other day it finally dawned on me what I should use it for!  Feast your eyes on my Basket -o- Warmth.


Easy access for a fleece blanket in case we get cold!  My mom made the red bag which is made from the sleeve of a shirt.  It has another bag inside of it that has this special corn that you can put in the microwave and heat it up to make a heating pad.

Of course it didn't last long until someone decided they had a better use for it again.


She hadn't touched the basket in like 2+ weeks until the day I actually put something in it.  Go figure.
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