March 25, 2011

the things kids say

I really enjoy having a toddler around.  As challenging as it is at times, it is also a great source of entertainment.  Kiera has a wonderful imagination and says some pretty funny stuff.  I thought I would share to give you a good laugh.

She used to start her sentences with "Memba last week when..."  even if it happened the day before.

She got out of bed one night and Jimmy got up to check on her and she told him "Um Dada, I want to paint the kitchen.  Let me show you what I want to do."

"Lilly I am a doctor, I am a real doctor."

"Mama I want to take a bubble bath without bubbles, I dont like the bubbles touching my skin."

One morning she asked me to scratch her back.  After a minutes she sighs and says "Oh Mama, that feels so good."

her bad dream "A monster truck messed up my princess pajamas"

While playing with her toys in the backseat of our car "You need to sit in a time out.  You are out of control!"  (she was quoted this out of a book during story time at the library)

"I am Superman!  I have the power to read...I can't read."

driving home one day she says "Mama, we need to get a new microwave because ours gets hot"
Me "Well microwaves are supposed to get hot because that's how the cook food" Kiera "Oh, OK."

"Mama I had a good dream.  We were on a boat and there weren't any sharks and you asked me if I was going to jump in"  Me "Well did you"  she laughs "No"


I love that she can remember her dreams now too.  The first one she remembered was about a year or so ago.  She said that I was driving my car and she was in the back while Lilly was sitting in the middle (center console).   When we drove past the fire station (the one by my in laws)  Lilly  jumped out of the car and was standing in the middle of the road.  Wow.  She was very  concerned for Lilly and I think that it made a big enough impact that she decided to share it with me.  I use to make sure I asked her ever morning after that if she had a dream and now I don't have to.  She will always tell me if it was good or bad to her and what it was about.

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lesley said...

This post cracked me up! Hilarious.

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