March 28, 2011

spring has sprung

I went to Hobby Lobby 3 times last week.  I went on my lunch break 2 different days and then I went on Saturday.  They are having some great deals.

 The first day I went I wanted to get some new things to spruce up the house a little bit for spring time.  I ended up buying a pink metal bucket I plan on personalizing with Kiera's name for Easter, white wooden eggs for all 3 of us to paint (since Kiera is allergic to eggs we don't do the hard boiled ones), and some scrapbook paper for a banner.

I really thought about sewing a banner but decided I am not ready to tackle the sewing machine yet.  Paper it is!  I really love the colors and patters I picked out.  I have a hard time venturing outside of colors that aren't some type of earth tone.

Spring Banner

Of course I don't have any pictures of how I did it because you can obviously tell I cut triangles, used a hole punch and fed some twine stuff through it.

I think I will be making a lot more of these banners, because they are easy and cheap and I do decorate for almost every holiday.

I even had enough paper to make a 2nd little one to hang on the mirror!  No close up of the Easter decor on the table because it is soooo not worth looking at.  I plan on changing of these days.

Spring decor
The butterflies are the same ones I used for Kiera's 1st birthday.  I hung them in the exact same spot this time too. 

Now if I could just keep Kiera from playing with the table decorations...yeah I know that won't happen and that is alright.

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amanda torres said...

I love your banner and the new name design, BUT my absolute favorite is the new label that says, "People I Stalk". That is how my friends and I refer to blogging and facebook...stalking. So easy to do!

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