March 29, 2011

pieces of us

After seeing Ashley Ann's bedroom redo and reading how someone once told her that it is best to keep your bedroom all about you and your spouse, no kid stuff allowed, I thought this was a great idea and I came up with a plan.

So the 2nd of 3rd day at Hobby Lobby I was looking around the clearance frames and found one that is 16x20 with the backing but no glass for $5!!  It was perfect!!


Then on my 3rd trip I took Kiera to go gather some supplies.  I bought burlap (which I am now in love with), some letters and a few other things that I needed, fine wanted.

 Remember I am a jump right in kinda girl and on some things I just wing it.  I attached the burlap to a piece of cardboard.  This was a slight mistake because I wrapped it around the edges and glued it to the back of the cardboard when I should have just cut it and glued it to the front part of the cardboard.  The back board of the frame did not want to stay in place so I hot glued it.  Hahaha!  It is ghettoooooo.  I thought about redoing it but I ran out of hot glue sticks.  But whatever, you won't be able to see the back, unless it falls off the wall!  You just know that will happen in the middle of the night.  I now better for next time.   


And please forgive me for not having any pictures of the process again!!  I get to excited doing crafts and I like to get them done!  The worst is waiting for things to dry.

I made little ribbon flowers and attached them to paperclips and hot glued them directly to the burlap.  I didn't want to puncture any of the items I was going to add like our wedding vows, a crappy picture of us (only because the photographer/lighting from the flash sucked), a hankie to dry my happy tears that my friend Sarah made for me.  We have this inside joke about elephants and I just might tell you the story sometime.
Wedding Collage

Oh looky there...someone had to check out what I was doing, again.  Actually this was after I made her move out from directly in front of me.


But the frame is just sitting up against the wall in our bedroom, not hanging yet.  I am not allowed to hang big things on the wall.  Jimmy is very.....technical when it comes to hanging anything somewhat large and heavy on the wall.  Maybe my glue will hold up and with the sturdy screws it won't fall off the wall.  Maybe.


amanda torres said...

I like it! Great job!!!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

I love how you ghetto things up to keep the project on track. I do the same all the time. LOL

I love the rosette clips. They're adorable! Do you have a tutorial for that?

Now Im curious to hear about he elephant story.

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