March 24, 2011

embrace the camera

First off I would just like to say that after my rant yesterday I will no longer be speaking about that subject.  Your welcome.

On to better things!  Today I, OK not I but Jimmy, will...



Love it!  Kiera was such a smiley and happy little baby.  The girl has always loved to have her picture taken.  Dada not so much.
 I read on someones blog (don't remember where) to think about the times you look at the pictures with your own mom or dad and how you NEVER think that they looked bad in them.  That is what everyone thinks after all.  

"That shirt looked horrible on me"

"Yuck I didn't have makeup on"

"I look fat"

....blah blah blah.    

You see them as your parents, someone who you have seen looking their best and worst, fat and thin, sick and well, happy and sad.  

You get the picture and you know I'm right.
Is it more important that you stay out of pictures just because you think looked crappy or that you have a picture of you and your child together for them to remember your lives together down the road?

So suck it up and take the dang picture regardless of how you feel.

Maybe that will be my next embrace the camera...


lesley said...

Well said. Love her big cheeky grin!!

Danett said...

Love her smile! It warms my heart!

Mom2One said...

I'm embracing it. Minus makeup, minus nice "going out" clothing, but never without a BIG HUGE grin. I completely agree. I've never looked at a picture of me with my parents and thought about how they looked. I've always just seen pure beauty.

Laurie J said...

I hear ya...yesterday I had only enough make up on to "not scare the neighbors" when I realized it was now or never to embrace the camera for today's post. you just gotta do it! and your kiddos always think you look great :) great pic of your little girl and her daddy (can't go wrong with those pics!)

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Very cute!

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