February 10, 2011

Snowed In

Well I was able to go to work for 2 days before we were shut down again.  Didn't work yesterday, not got going in today.  Still not complaining.  

Of course Jimmy just had to get out to see what the roads were like so we went to Carl's Jr. for breakfast and then ran by the post office to drop off some mail.  When we were entering our neighborhood a lady was stuck trying to get out and Jimmy jumped out to help her.  What a helpful guy I have!!  He also has a helpful wife since I helped him un-stick his truck from the driveway in my pj's in -10 degree morning weather (today).  Sorry no pics of that.  


A little Valentine's craft I copied from Jami.  I tweaked it a little. 
 And here is jizzalicious Jake Gyllenhaal and his hot scruffy self with those biceps and blue eyes with long brown hair and uh, ah hem, I mean the banner on our mantle.

It was my goal to use my 50mm lens I got for Christmas.  I have only used it like twice before.  After using my 18-55mm zoom lens that came with my camera it's hard to use a fixed lens, especially one that isn't a wide angle.  I do have to say I am loving the quality of the pictures.  The picture of Jimmy helping the lady with the van was taken on my iPhone.

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lesley said...

aww, I like you poofy cat!

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