February 9, 2011

Feels Like Stealing

Ya'll may remember my excitement a couple weeks ago about the vending machine at work giving me 2 bags of Gardetto's for the price of one.  Well the other day I really wanted something salty for breakfast so I decided to get a bag of Gardetto's again.  I also ate an apple so at least I had something nutritional.  Take that!  

But I didn't just get that one bag...I got 2!!!  Another free bag you say?  Heck yeah!

Around 3 o'clock I was wanting some chocolate since I haven't been eating many sweets lately.  I ate an orange and that just didn't cut it.  Maybe 'cause it isn't chocolate?  Yeah.  So I went to the machine again (bad bad Ashley) and decided to get some Famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookies.  The stupid machine jammed again like it did the first two times with the Gardetto's but I just stood there and smiled.  Because wouldn't you know it, there drops 2 packages of cookies!  Bwahahaha (imagine me laughing in a hysterical Spongebob type of way)! 

SERIOUSLY???  This malfunctioning machine is my new BFF.  Not really.  Because I don't need all of this food that really is not good for me, though the Gardetto's are a Fit Pick so they aren't that bad.  I feel really guilty about getting all of this free food though.  Like I should go donate the money I haven't paid to something meaningful.  It messes with the balance of things.  OR maybe something in the universe is telling me that I have been a good and decent human being and this is my payment?  Nah.  There will be bigger and better things that.

1 comment:

Jami Nato said...

no, don't donate...just quit eating out of the vending machine sister! think of all the money you could put in your savings account throughout the year...you make me laugh.

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