February 11, 2011

Boy Do I Know How to Shop

Last weekend we went to Claremore to check out the antique stores only they were closed because of the massive amounts of snow.  We decided to check out the Goodwill there since we have never been to that one before.  The prices were way lower than the one in Owasso.  We basically stole these items...
1.  BRAND NEW Columbia zip up hoodie Regular $48.00 - cost $4.99!!!!

2.  Angel fall decoration - Prolly cost $10 somewhere ~ paid $1.50
3.  "Vintage" (lol) Tupperware container that you can hardly see in this picture for our camp box silverware - $15.00 in the 1980's ~ paid $2.50
4.  Brand new frame from Kohl's $14.99 ~ it cost $1.00

That stuff could have cost us $87.99 and we only paid 10 bucks!  That was including tax people! 
I took the pictures in our wash room since it was night time and it has the best lighting.  I need to find something to use as a background though.

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