January 7, 2011


Quote of the week:  Before loading Kiera in my car at 5:30pm at my inlaws house she looks up at the sky and gasps then says "Look, it's so beautiful out here!"

I really want to start sewing but I have no idea where to put my machine.  It is huge.  You know, one that folds down inside of a cabinet.  It is a literally a piece of furniture and it's hiding in Kiera's closet. 

Jimmy keeps telling me how much he likes my blog.  This makes me happy.  He is the one person I was nervous about reading it.  I dont know why since he knows me inside and out, we can carry on a conversation without even speaking, and he is the one person I can completely be myself around.  Maybe its because he is the only person who I truly care what they think of me and the only person I want to impress. 

I LOVE plaid.

I only have 1 child and I am fine with that.  Kiera is perfectly happy as an only child and we know that she is not suffering.  She has all the attention she wants and needs from us.  Besides, we know that we would not be as good as parents as we would want to if we had more. 

The only foods I do not like are bell peppers, water chestnuts and caraway seeds.  Oh and I will not go anywhere NEAR sausage balls. 

My favorite movies are Clueless and Romeo and Juliet (with Leo and Claire).  I can recited the movies verbatim. 

Right now I cannot stop listening to The Temper Trap song Fader.  Can you say repeat?

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