January 11, 2011

DIY Camera Strap

I have seen some super cute camera straps on Etsy for DLSR's but I didn't really want to pay 20 bucks or more for one.  So I thought to myself  "Psh, I can make that."  I had already made one a few months ago with some fabric I had laying around but really didn't like the fabric it.  I stopped by Hobby Lobby and picked some up for $1.22!  You wont need all of it but it's nice to have extra in case you mess up...like I did.  Oh and feel free to sew the entire thing if you prefer.  As I mentioned before my sewing machine is hiding in a closet and this is just easier for me since I have only used a machine like 3 times in my life. 

You will need 1/4 yard of  fabric, Heat n Bond, needle and thread, scissors, iron.
Step1:  Lay our your fabric and lay the camera strap on it.  Fold the fabric over until it is about 1/2 inch past the edge of the strap and trim along this line.  I didn't mark my line where to cut, I just went for it.
Step 2: On the short ends iron down 1/4 inch of the fabric.
Step 3:  Stitch the 2 shortest edges down (or use Heat n Bond if you want).  This will give a clean look on the ends.
 Step 4:  Fold the fabric over and iron down leaving about 1/2 inch of fabric sticking up at the top (to fold down). 
 Step 5:  Next you will iron down the top part.
Step 6:  Lay a strip of Heat n Bond along the edge of the fabric under the skinny piece you just ironed down.  Carefully fold over the top strip and iron it down.  You may want to lay a paper towel on top and iron over that so any Heat n Bond that may be sticking out wont get on your iron. Some of the Heat n Bond may attach itself to the inside opening of the strap but you can easily pull it apart before running your strap through. 


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