January 12, 2011

Wonky Treasures

 So I never thought in my life that I would actually say this but I like thrift stores.  I can't tell you how many weekends my mom drug my brother and I to them when we were younger.  We would impatiently wait for her to finish looking through every stinking rack of clothing, and ask countless times "Are you finished yet?"

But hey, I was a teenager and of course it was so not cool to shop at the thrift stores.  At least she did luck out and find us lots of Abercrombie, Guess, etc.  So if anyone asked "Where did you get your shirt" we could always answer "Oh, I dunno my mom bought it.  It's Guess"  Whew, dodged that one.  

Now that I am older I have come to appreciate the awesome things you can find there.
Like this... 
 Jimmy absolutely hates the bird.  It's about 6 inches long and 4 inches tall and I paid $1 for it.  She is perched on our wine rack looking into the kitchen. There were 2 more like this that I wanted to get and place in random spots on top of our cabinets but decided against it.  Shoulda got them.  

Then there is this light (actually there are 2 of them).  I found them in an antique store, took a picture and show it to my mother in law.  She got them for me as a Christmas present 3 or 4 years ago.  They are still in a box in our attic.  They are the coolest lights I have ever seen.  Why aren't they hung?  A. Because there are can lights where I want to hang them and we would have to do some rewiring or something or buy $60 converter thingys and B. Because Jimmy thinks they don't match the house.  Everything in the living room/kitchen is some shade of green, dark red, and gold I think they would go just fine.    

Can't you just imagine how great they would look hanging over the bar?  I sure as heck can! 

Oooh, or the green decanter you see below to the right of the PS3.  It is from 1968 or something and I bought it about 9 years ago at a thrift store for $1.  I was actually able to find it somewhere online and it was worth like $18 which is probably what it sold for back then, but at least its held its value right? 

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