December 28, 2010

Where Not To Iron

About a week ago I was curled up in the chair in our living room, making these cute little yarn pom poms to put on some Christmas presents.  I was cutting the yarn with my super sharp scissors and accidentally cut my new jeans.  Ugggggh!!!  Luckily it was a tiny little cut and I happen to have some iron on patches on hand.  

A couple days later I decide to fix my jeans and whip out the iron and plug it in.  Did I get out the ironing board?  Nope I didn't.  I was extremely lazy that evening and didn't want to get it out for one little patch job that was going to take 2 minutes.  Now if I had one that folds down off the wall in my laundry room...that's a different story.  I laid out my jeans on my living room floor, made sure they are nice and flat, and placed my patch on the spot.  Don't worry, I put the patch on the inside of the jeans.  My iron was ready so I set it on top of the patch and walked away....

OH CRAP!!! I take the iron off of my jeans and had to peel my jeans off the floor.  It didn't burn my floor but it did leave a nice little iron shaped blue stain from they dye in the jeans.  It won't come out either.  Maybe now I have finally learned to NOT iron on the floor.  I am sure you can imagine how lovely some of the carpet looks after Kiera threw up milk as  baby, Lilly coughing up hairballs, and Berkley having accidents as a puppy.  Jimmy has joked with me that I fixed a $20 pair of jeans and ruined $1500 worth of carpet.  I corrected him that they were $15 jeans.  He just laughed.  That's why I love him.

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