December 29, 2010

Fun Filled Day

Today started off with a trip to the library for the weekly story time and songs.   I was  able to take Kiera today since I am on vacation, but my mother in law is the one who takes while we are working.  I had to have a little talk with her before hand to remind her to not crawl under the table and convince all the other little girls to go with her like she did a couple weeks ago.  She didn't do that today but she did start crab crawling towards me until I gave her "the look".  She got up and came to sit in my lap a few minutes and slung her arms around my neck and gave me lots of love before she joined the group again.

 Do a little dance...
I also took Kiera to Chuck E Cheese with my friend Mandy and her daughter Madison.  It was Kiera's first time to go, and I hadn't been in about 8 years because  the birthday party Jimmy and I attended left mental scars.  I figured since we arrived shortly after they opened and it is the middle of the week it wouldn't be too horribly busy.  And it wasn't!           

She had a blast today.  She didn't even get mad when I would help her with games so we could earn more tickets!  We even took a couple pictures in there little photo booth that they had.  The first one turned out great.  The second one not so much.  I wasn't paying attention to the countdown and the camera snapped the picture.  It makes me laugh.

I will admit that when I take her on outings I have an ulterior motive.  I plan activities at certain times that will happen right before her nap time, so that when we get home she usually crashes within the hour and will take a 3 hour nap.  Luckily she can sleep from say 3-7 and will still go to bed by 9 and sleep through the night!  What I cant figure out is why she humps her blanket and how she can fall asleep upside down. 

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