December 26, 2010

Shopping Day

Today was my 2nd favorite day of the whole year to go shopping (my 1st favorite is Black Friday).  I usually purchase items that can be given the next year as small little additional presents but  I also buy Christmas decorations for the tree or other random things.  It also gives me a morning completely to myself, to run around and take as much time as I want to just LOOK at things.  Everyone is usually just waking up by time I get back home.  Perfect! 

First off I get to Wal Mart at 6am.  I bought some random things, some of it was for us and some of it was for other people.  One of the things I bought for us were new red candy cane lights to go along the front walkway.  All 7 of mine had died since last year so I bought 7 more today.  I love them.

Target is where I buy the lights for my tree which are these adorable satin finish button lights.   I think they are on the verge of being discontinued so I grabbed 4 boxes, though I should have grabbed all 7 or 8.  I also got 2 of  the cutest little light up deer, and by little I mean 18 deer, that are wearing a Santa hat and scarf to put out in the yard next year!  I am standing in line and looking over my Wal Mart receipt and notice that they candy canes rang up at regular price not half price.  BOO!  So, I grab a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks and head back to WalMart to get the difference back.

There I was back at Wal Mart and the lady who is getting ready to adjust the price whips out her phone and starts to calculate something.  I was hoping she wasn't figuring up what half of  $2.50 was.   Then I thought that maybe she was trying to figure out what the total difference was, but she still needed a calculator.  To me its simple math but I guess not everyone can figure it up in their head.  Here's how I do it...7 candy canes should have been $1.25 each so 7 = $7.00, 25 cents x 4 = $1, the that leaves 3 @ 25cents = 75 cents which totals 8.75 plus tax refund!  Go me!  

Today was a play day !

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