September 17, 2014

Labor Day

Labor Day weekend we were once again out at the river.  I mean it's free camping since we are property owners at the river ranch.  All it costs us is a tank of gas and we just raid our kitchen for food to bring.  Anywho, Jimmy's mom camped with us a couple nights and on Saturday we went into Tahlequah to take part in the Cherokee national holiday. Ya know since the 3 of them are Cherokees.   There were stick ball games, horseshoes, craft fair, a pow wow, and all sorts of other things going on.  We only went to the craft fair.  Everything was so spread out over town, it didn't seem very well organized to me


Saturday we spent all day down on the river swimming and playing.  We met some people that were on a float trip who stopped nearby and chatted with them.   Some other people next to us had turned their raft upside down and used the bottom as a slip-n-slide into the water.  So we all did that too and it was pretty darn fun. 

Monday when we were on our way home we were traveling around 70mph on the highway right outside of Tulsa when there was a sudden weird vibration going on in the truck.  Jimmy looked in his side view mirror and said "He just hit me!  That guy just ran into our trailer!"  Yep.  We have only had our camper for a little over two months and that happened.  Just our luck.  A 22 year old kid fell asleep at the wheel and ran into our camper.  He was driving his parents Chrysler 300 because he wrecked his a couple weeks before.  His parents car was torn up.  The whole right quarter panel was peeled back and our stabilizing jack under the camper shredded his tire.  Luckily he ran into us instead of oncoming traffic.  Everyone was ok, but he was pretty shaken up.  In the meantime before we can get it in to have it repaired I have done a lovely patch job with a trash bag and Gorialla tape.  It still camps just fine!

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