July 21, 2014

4th of July weekend

This year for the 4th of July weekend we (and Jimmy's dad!) headed out to the river to camp.  4 nights and I wasn't ready to come back to town yet.  I don't think I have mentioned this before but we got a new camper  a few weeks ago.  It's absolutely awesome.  Jimmy and I both agree that we could definitely live in it for quite a while, though we wouldn't since that would take the fun out of camping for us.  We are definitely planning on some long RV traveling when we get older.  We have both had our fair share of tent camping and are definitely at the point we prefer some comfort... and air conditioning.  Anyway we got there Wednesday evening and Jimmy's cousin Jackie, her husband Brian and their son arrived at the same time stayed a couple nights in their pop up.

You can't by bottle rockets in Oklahoma so Jimmy and I took a quick drive into Arkansas to pick some up.  Kiera spent the night setting those off.  This is one of those things that I know some parents would freak out about.  We are not the type of parent that is going to stick a sparkler in a red solo cup to keep her from getting burned.  How else are do we learn?  By getting hurt and learning things the hard way.  Besides the only person to get injured was me when she wasn't watching were her punk was and burned my leg.    

Jimmy let his inner geek shine and set up an projector and sheet to watch movies on. 
My father in laws new puppy is the sweetest little thing.  He is a daschund/terrier mix of some sort.  We are pretty convinced I am his 2nd favorite person.    He did great around the fireworks.  Berkley was another story.  He went off and hid in the woods somewhere for over an hour covered in cockleburs and sand. 

On the 4th we did a 6 mile canoe trip with Jackie and Brian and got to visit with another cousin Destre for a little bit that wasn't able go with us.  At least we all got a picture together!

Who cares that 2 of them aren't looking at the camera?  I don't! 

Of course that evening we blew up a massive amount of fireworks and documented Kiera's yearly picture with them.

Girls trying to play football with the boys.  Too stinking cute.

Saturday we went on another 6 mile float trip in a raft with some friends that we met up with.  That was a long day on the river but so wonderful.  Jimmy injured his face shallow diving (which he has done 100 times before and never got hurt he will tell you), but I will spare him and not show the picture of his black eye and cut upper lip. 

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