October 8, 2013

Tooth #3 and a lesson

Saturday Kiera lost her 3rd tooth. It was hanging by a tiny piece of skin but man was there some blood. She was a little freaked out by the amount of it.

Later that afternoon and into the evening her attitude went south. WAY south. There was a lot of frowning, growling and arms crossed and entirely too much back talk. Jimmy dealt with her more than I did. I had to keep sane by partially ignoring her and just laughing about it otherwise I was going to snap.  She had an early bedtime that night (yes because of the way she was acting) and put her tooth in it's little pillow and put that under her pillow. 
Only the tooth fairy didn't come that night. 
When she got up in the morning I asked her why she thought the tooth fairy didn't come and she said because the tooth fairy was really busy. I asked her if there was any other reason the she didn't come and Kiera said because of her attitude the night before. I got out her book "Silverlicious" (about a little girl that looses her sweet tooth who is acting mean, etc.) for us to read because it was perfect for the situation. After we read the book we had a discussion about her actions and why it is important to be kind, to have a good attitude, and to mind her parents. After we stopped talking for a couple minutes she asked if we could talk about it more. Heck yeah we can! My child wants to continue our serious conversation? Talk about a parent's dream right there! 
One of my top goals is for her to want to talk to us, and not be afraid that she will suffer any repercussions from doing so. We want for her to understand we are the ones she needs to come to if she has any questions about anything or if there is a problem she is having. You gotta start early with them! She already tells us stuff that happens or things that she has done even if it is something she could potentially get in trouble for, and she continues to tell us things. I guess we are on the right path so far! After our talk she decided to write the tooth fairy a letter asking for a piece of a cookie and to say she was sorry. Of course the tooth fairy showed up that night. Kiera was quite excited about the dollar under her pillow!  She decided to save it and not just rush out and spend it! Guess we are doing some things right, but only time will tell!

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