September 30, 2013

Swimming, Sleeping, Washboard

How about a bunch of randomness today?  You know just cause I feel like it.  I mean you don't want to hear about my work day do you?  It doesn't involve making anything crafty or pretty.  Just looking out for people with developmental disabilities and making sure the people working with them are doing their job and not abusing, neglecting, or exploiting them.  Spreadsheets, policy and procedures, reports and such.  Meetings, phone calls, investigations, paperwork. At least there is a deep satisfaction that comes from what I do every day that no amount of crafts will ever give me.  Looky there, I told you about it anyway!
Randomness, right.
We swam in the river for the last time this year a couple weeks ago.  It was still in the 90's outside but since it is getting cooler at night, the water is cooling down also.  Have I mentioned our girl is swimming with out any floatation devices?  Probably have but I am still super excited about it.   

I took this in the bathroom at the RV campsite we use while camping at the river.  We have a shower in our camper but it is easier to use an actual one since it is available.  On my phone the picture looks much darker and tons better which is weird.  The wood is painted green which is hard to tell in these photos but I love it.  And it is so haphazardly painted that it makes it even better.  Chipped paint and old looking stuff really isn't my style but this I love.  The beams on the ceiling are awesome but I didn't get a picture.
One day Berkley wasn't feeling too well before Kiera and I left for the bus stop she covered him in her beloved pink blanket and gave him Princess (the pink poodle) to lay with.  He did not move from that spot all day long.  I sent this picture to Jimmy and when he got home from work he told me Berk was laying in the same spot.  He still didn't feel well that evening but he was back to his normal self the next day.

Passed out at Papa's house after school one day.  Notice the gloves.  Silly girl

Sure seems to be a bunch of laziness in these pictures.  I don't have any of Lilly sleeping cause she is either hanging out somewhere else our all up in my face.
Sleeping with her eyes partially open.  And her eyeballs were moving too, extremely slow.  But there is just something about sleeping children.  The are so relaxed, and not noisy, and don't have an attitude when they are unconscious.  Anyone else have a 6 year old with an attitude of a 14 year old?  Well it isn't like that all the time. 
I still haven't finished doing everything I want to in my master bathroom but I did find this 1920 something washboard to put on the shelf above the tub.  I found laying on top of some bolts of fabric in this junk store but it didn't have a price on it.  I took it to the lady at the register and said she'd take $5 for it, which is what I was going to offer.  SOLD!!!!  These suckers are freaking expensive too!  I haven't seen any washboards for less than $25 anywhere!   Just cause something is old doesn't mean you need to charge an arm and a leg for it even if it is in crappy condition.   I brought it home and wiped it off with a damp cloth and rubbed wood condition on it.  It is absolutely perfect!

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