May 28, 2013

House Finch in da house

OK they aren't "in" the house but on the back porch.  My in-laws bought me a hanging plant (gah I keep forgetting the name) for my birthday last month and it was happily living under our back porch.  I remembered I needed to water it and when I took it down you can imagine my surprise when I saw there was a nest with two little eggs in it!
Only it ended up having a total of 5 eggs within the next few days! About a week and a half later the eggs started to hatch!  It took about 2 or 3 days depending on when they were laid to all finally be out of the eggs.  All 3 of us have been super excited about the new life on our back porch.  Oh and I was very careful to water the dirt and not the babies.  Newborn baby birds are so adorable and ugly at the same time!

About a week later (which was a week ago) they started chirping when the mom and dad would come to feed them.  We were gone over the weekend so when we got back home yesterday we went to check on them and 3 of them flew out of the nest for the first time!!  We were cheering them on to flap their little wings since it was so windy and they were flying for the first time.  One had already left, and after those 3 flew off there is only one little birdie left.  He/she is totally not ready to leave yet. 

I did take Finchy (I just named it) out of the nest thinking it needed some help taking off but it was content resting in my hand.  I let Kiera hold it which was just the coolest thing to her and then we put it back.  I know you aren't supposed to touch birds but the parents came back to feed it later so I guess they are past that whole "Who touched your? I don't know you anymore!" phase.  He/she was probably too freaked to try and leave the nest since the basket was flopping around in the 25 mile an hour wind.
Finchy, we will miss you when you are gone, but not all of the poop your parent's are leaving on our porch.

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