February 21, 2013

Berkley the Bogarter

Oh our silly little hairy boy. Any time we leave Berk at the house, whether we are going to work or some where we can't bring him along, he immediately runs to find a sock or shoe of ours and brings it to his special spot atop the back of our couch.

One day I put my socks on the ottoman in the living room and went to mess around on the computer for a bit since I had some time to spare before I left for work.  I walk out of the computer room and find one of my socks in the hallway and the other was getting some love.

He definitely knows our morning drill.  Sometimes when we do we plan on bringing him with us and he hasn't figured it out yet we have to go searching for our missing shoe because he has already dragged away. 

We can never be mad at him with a face like that though.

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