January 14, 2013

Master bath redo - in process

OK so I got a whole lot of nothing accomplished in adding some more decorations to the master bath this weekend. I have been on the search for an old window pane or even just a new window pane mirror and have found nothing. Actually I have only they are too big or too expensive. There are a couple other things I am looking for only haven't found them yet. I still need junk for the shelf thing and something to hang on the wall in the toilet room. 

The pictures on either side of the tub were gold with pictures of tubs before so I spray painted them oil rubbed bronze and but some shimmery golden zebra print scrapbook paper in them.  The curtain is just one giant 21 foot long piece of fabric (Hobby Lobby 40% off = $12) tied around the end of the curtain rod.  I also have a few lanterns to hang from the bottom of my shelf to try and mimic my inspiration photo but not sure if I want to do that now. 

Here is the toilet area.  Yay for plaid fabric (Hobby Lobby 40% off= $12)!!!  I was actually thinking ahead of time and only Heat n Bond 3 sides of the curtains and left one undone so I could test how it would hang.  With the Heat n Bond at the bottom it hung really straight (since the fabric is fairly thin) so I sewed the bottom seam.  

This topiary picture used to be in the tub area with a gold frame so I spray painted it oil rubbed bronze and then sponged brushed over it with metallic bronze acrylic paint so it wouldn't look so black.  This is the spot I want and old window pane to hang.

I bought this little basket at Hobby Lobby (50% off = $3, notice a trend here?) to hold my hand towel since I had nothing before.  I want to incorporate more woven and natural things to the room I'm just not sure how.

Here is the shower, the door to our bedroom on the right and Jimmy's closet on the left.  The little cubby holds towels and washcloths on the top and the trash can is on the bottom.  I thought hanging something above the shower, but not sure if I want to.  I could make a sign that says something like "Shower".  Hahahaha!  You know the little metal signs that say "Le Bain", I would just be super obvious.  Yep, that is the shower. 

And that red rug needs to go.  Once again sorry for the craptastic pictures.  Taken with my iPhone and the little wide angle lens that goes with it is what made those round pictures.  I promise when I get it finished I will share beautiful detailed pictures from my DSLR. 

Next step in this room, waaay down the line of course, is to gel stain the cabinets an nice dark color.  Not looking forward to doing that.  But if it works out well and isn't too terrible, we will consider doing it in the rest of the house.

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catrina.mason said...

Came by to check out your updates after you posted a comment on my blog. It looks like your plank wood wall turned out great!!! Great job!

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