January 7, 2013

Letters to Juliet

Last night I watched the movie called Letters to Juliet.  Basically people would write letters asking for advice and stick them to a wall in Italy somewhere, a lady gathers them and a she along with 3 other ladies write responses.  One letter was found in a crack dated 50 years earlier about a boy a girl met when they were teenagers and she left him haning when she went back to London for school.  So a response is sent now 50 years later, then she shows up in Italy to go on a quest to find her long lost love.  She finds him (of course her husband and his wife have already passed away) and they marry each other.  There was a whole bunch of other junk in there but it's not important.

(The message he quoted on this card meant more to me than the flowers.  My all time favorite play/movie/story)

After watching the movie it reminds me  how thankful I am to have found Jimmy.  That I actually said "hi" to him when I didn't want to because I was shy.  Thinking back to the moment we locked eyes for the first time, I was looking into the eyes of my future husband, the father of my daughter.  He is the one and only guy for me.  It still isn't always easy but I can't imagine doing it with anyone else.  

Shortly after Jimmy and I got married a co-worker (who had been dating someone for about 6 months) asked me how you know when you want to marry someone.  I told her when you can't imagine them not being in your life, you can't see your future without them in it.  A few years later they got married.

Jimmy is always the first person on my mind.  He is the first person I call when I need someone to talk to or when I have a question.  There are times that I am so mad at him (and he is at me) and I still want him there with me.  I may not want to talk to him for 30 minutes, but then it's over.  The things about him that drive me crazy are the reasons I love him.  They are the things that make him who he is and I wouldn't trade a single thing. 

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Holly said...

What a beautiful post. So glad we found "keepers"!

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