November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

Better late than never sharing pictures of Kiera in her Halloween costume.  Cutest witch ever if you ask me.  I even put some makeup on her which she was really excited about.  I remember dressing up as a princess (occasionally it was Glenda the good witch) for years when I was young  and my mom would put blue eyeshadow, lots of blush and lipstick on me.  I liked it though.  It was all part of dressing up, even if it looked gaudy. 

Of course please excuse the terrible photos, I just can't take good pictures in low to no light.

Such a big girl walking up to the houses by herself.

Of course Berkley was dressed in his "Handsome Devil" shirt.  He is definitely protective of Kiera of Kiera too. 

 Silly dog.  Kiera had a blast and was just a bouncy little thing.  We didn't go to as many houses as we normally do which was fine.  At one point Kiera and another girl said to each other "Hey I know you from the bus!", which was another little kindergartner that goes to the same school as Kiera.  We just so happened to go to the same houses as them towards the end of our route so it was nice Kiera had her and another little boy from the neighborhood to trick or treat with. 

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