September 10, 2012

Who can run a mile?

I can.

For the first time in my entire life, I ran 1 whole stinking mile WITHOUT stopping last night. 

Woo woo!

Saturday night I decided that I needed to try a different route than the one I usually go on because it would be more difficult for me to know where I was going and have my normal "stopping points".  I use this "Map my run" app on my phone that calculates where and how far I am going, how long it takes, and all this other fancy stuff.  Only I didn't time it right when I stopped in front of our house .22 before I hit 1 mile.  Bummer.  So last night I decided to try it again and and add some length to my run so hopefully I would stop close to my house.  That is my finish line and I just can't help it.  Sure enough that did the trick and ended just a little past our house.  

Around 3/4 or so of the way through it was getting tough.  Behind my right knee near my calf was kinda hurting but then I got a little delusional and forgot about it.  My breathing wasn't so bad and my throat didn't feel like I swallowed a bucket of chalk like it did on Saturday.  I read one runners blog where she said that she chews gum to help keep her mouth and throat  moist during a long run and sure enough that worked.  Only I should have chewed it for a bit before running cause the sugary taste was too much for me, but once it died down it was quite pleasant.   

Some things about me running... 

I feel like a floppy mess but I think I have fairly decent form.

I don't have a long stride, thanks to the short legs I got.

I run on the balls of my feet, not my heels.

I am a mouth breather, but I am all the time whether I am running or not.

I don't like to listen to music.  I want to know if a car is about to run me over or if someone is coming up on me.  

I run on the sidewalk, not in the street, so hopefully my chances of being run over are less.

I think I make wincing faces once I get to the point I want to stop.

And it feels awesome to be able to run a mile. 

One mile. 

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