September 5, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

The weekend was wonderful.  

Well it was after we finally got to camp.  While I was packing the truck Lilly escaped out of the house with out me knowing since I was running in and out.  We searched for about 30 minutes before I went knocking on our neighbors door where Lilly has run to before.  She usually just hangs around our front door and I still don't know why she runs over there occasionally.  This time she was chased into hiding under their shed since she was spotted by the dog.  I am glad I have a cat that actually comes to me when I call her because once she heard my voice and say my face she walked right over to me.  I scooped her up and took her back our house and was on our way to a relaxing weekend at the river.
Camping at the very back of the campground is the best when you want a relaxing weekend.  I would love a giant tree in our backyard like the one our camp was centered around.  It was a pecan tree.

It's especially wonderful when there is a spring fed swimming hole that you can see from camp. 

The water was super duper cold of course and it was about 5 feet deep in the middle.  I am only guessing it was that deep because I only got the water up to my waist.

I asked Kiera to draw her version of this tree.  She loves to draw pictures but hates to color.

Early morning sunshine.  I sleep so much better and longer when camping.  I can easily sleep until 8:30 or 9 which NEVER happens at home.  At home I am always awake by 7.

Coffee. Mmmm. 

Drinking her hot cocoa from a mug I picked up from a little odds and ends shop.  My dad was born in San Antonio (which is why I bought the mug) so Kiera has claimed it as hers since that is where Pappy was born.  It's a big deal for her.

We went on a float trip one day.  The way it works is you pick how you want to float down the river whether it is by raft, canoe or kayak and for how long which is 6 or 12 miles (some places you can do a 21 mile overnight where you stop and camp along the river in your own tent or just out in the open).  You get on a bus (or in a van) and they take you to the designated drop off for the length of trip you want to take.  You hop in your boat and go.  Of course you take food and drinks so you can stop and eat and stay hydrated.  And you don't just stay in the boat the whole time, you gotta get out and swim every mile or so.   

 One day we just went swimming.  Over the past 13 years I have had a little competition with the river (and now the lake) called "Who Keeps the Sunglasses".  River = 4 Lake = 1 Ashley = O

Making my presence known.  Not completely hiding behind the camera.

 Dada loves that hat, Berkley isn't fond of swimming even though he can, and Kiera on is such a water baby, just like her mama. 

Good times.  Good times.

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