July 3, 2012

Snippety Snip Snip

For the past year Kiera has been back and forth on wanting to cut her hair.  One minute she would say she wanted it short like Rapunzel or short like mine but then I would ask her if she really wanted to cut it and she would say no.  That was until the past week.  She was saying once again she wanted to cut her hair short like mine and when I would ask if she really really wanted to cut it of she would say yes.  I also told her about Locks of Love and explained that they could make a wig out of her hair for children that don't have any.  I like to think that is a big selling point because she thought that was pretty cool. 

Here is the before and her squinting from the bright morning sun.

She absolutely loves it and so do we.  I knew I would and it is so stinkin' cute on her!  She has been flipping it around and has told us so many times how much she likes it short.  Kiera even asked me if I cried  and I told her I didn't because it is so cute and it will grow back.  I don't know why she thinks I would cry, I think Jimmy did asked me once if I thought I would.  My stomach was in knots on  the drive to the salon though.

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