July 4, 2012

Happy 4th O' July

The other day Kiera and I were walking around Hobby Lobby looking for anything that we couldn't live with out.  She kept grabbing things to throw them in the cart like acrylic paints (which we got a few but I picked the colors) and felt squares and poster board.  And she kept saying "Mama I want to paint something!"  I told her I would buy a canvas for her to paint something for me we just had to work our way to that aisle.  

When we got to that aisle she was super bossy and wasn't liking that I kept putting back the most expensive little canvases she was trying to put in the cart.  I like the economy pack.  You know the 2 for $5.99 11x14's (which is what I bought) and the other sizes they have.  We are not doing quality work with these suckers, just crafts for our home. 

When we got home I put the canvas in front of her and told her I didn't really care what she did but it was going to be a 4th of July type painting.  I put a little American flag in front of her and told her to go to town.



 She decided to stick with the stripes and had the brilliant idea of adding her hand prints in blue.  She also started the paint around the edges but I finished that up for her.

It would be cute if I had some other things to set around in red white and blue but I don't.  It is just the lonely painting  without the flags since they are now outside.  Oh yeah we do have  little flag bows hanging from our lights. 

I'm gonna have to make a few little things next year.


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