May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Celebration

Kiera's class had a "Mother's Day Celebration" on Friday for all mom's to have a day of pampering.  I was approved to go into work late so I could attend and enjoyed every minute of it!  

First I walked Kiera to her class and once all the moms arrived with the kids they started their morning routine.  

They said the pledge of allegiance to the flag, sang the song "Oklahoma" to the state flag, and did their Pre-K song.  Oh and then they all counted to 100, which Kiera can do on her own!  By the way she is very well on her way to reading.  She is sounding out words and reading things like "trash"!  Ok then the entire class sang a few mother's day songs they had been practicing for the last month.

After the songs were over there were 4 different stations for us to get pampered at.  The first was the "Spa" where she massaged my hands with lotion and painted one of my hands nails with glitter.  We actually had to go back to the station at the end so she could paint them with the glitter since that seemed to be the popular choice.

Next we stopped at the "Jewelry" store and she made me a bracelet.

After that is was a game of Mom-O (Bing0) that I won!  

Then it was time for a snack where she iced us cookies and put sprinkles on them and we had lemonade to drink.  She made mine with rainbow and pink sprinkles and hers had yellow and pink sprinkles.  It was the best cookie I have ever eaten.

The kids had also planted seeds and have grown to be 2 little sprouts.  I can't wait to see what kind of flowers pop up!

My happiest moment was when we had to find the paper the kids made with their version of us.   

It says...
My mom's eyes are greenish (correct)

Her hair is brown (correct)

She likes to sing me songs (Since they day we brought her home from the hospital I sing to her every night at bedtime)

My mom is proud and happy

Wow.  That last line melted my heart.  You never know what your kids truly think of your or how the perceive you but I am definitely glad she sees me as happy.  Not mean when she doesn't get her way all the time.  I would say that I am proud of some things in my life, especially things that really matter like Kiera and Jimmy.

A couple other things Kiera told me about the lack of hair is because it is short, I am wearing a watch on my wrist which is funny because I never wear a watch, and I am pretty sure that she put my wedding ring on my hand too.  

The day of pampering only lasted and hour but it was one of the best hour's of my life.

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ella@lifeologia said...

So cute!
What a little sweetheart you have....
and mommy's songs are the best ;)
You are both adorable!

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