February 16, 2012

The torture of coloring

Little one has NEVER liked to color.   Never. It is a boring and monotonous, plus she isn't the crafty type like her mama.  I am working on her though, I am.  

I have finally figured out a tiny little trick on how to partially keep Kiera on track while coloring  her homework.  She is only allowed to have one crayon at a time.  

Why only one?  Crayons usually end up having conversations with each other or being used for something else other than coloring.  It really is adorable to listen to the things she says and she has a wonderful imagination that I am thankful for but when it's time to do homework, it's time to do homework.

What's really funny is that even though she despises coloring, she will either want to use one to two colors on a picture or 10 colors.  Like in the first picture with the necklace, she tediously colored every single bead a different color. Then other times she will just scribble all over the picture not even trying to make it neat looking or stay inside the lines.  I just don't get it.

  I have to keep reminding myself every single day that she is only 4.5 years old.  She is young and is still adjusting to school and being around other kids.  She has only been able to comprehend and communicate things for about a year now.  Yes she could communicate her basic needs and understood very simple things before that but now is completly different.  We are trying to figure out what kind of parenting works for her at this time in her life, which is not an easy thing.  Raising a child is the biggest test of our lives, and we are trying not to fail. 

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