February 9, 2012

embrace the camera - dog treats

Today we are Embracing the Camera

The week after Christmas I picked up this treat mix on clearance at Target for $2.50.  I should have bought more boxes.  The package said it made 8 treats.   We got about 30+.  Those would have been some massive fatty dog treats.  And you can tell by the size of Kiera's hand how not big the cutter is.  They were a success because Berkley loves them.  

Yes we were all in our pj's at 2pm that weekend, which happens a lot around here.  They are working in the little food prep spot of the kitchen (gah an island would be nice) where Kiera always has to pull a kitchen chair over to get extra height that she doesn't get with her step stool.  Actually she drags that chair all over the kitchen to stand on the counter to get a cup, get her hot cocoa out of the microwave, etc.  One day she will tower over me and I will feel like I need the chair more than her.

1 comment:

Hespyhesp said...

Making your own dog treats! How fun! Did you make cookies afterwards? I'd be jealous of the dog! lol

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